We understand that going Independent can seem overwhelming.  At the same time, owning your book of business and running your practice the way you want, can be very rewarding for you and your clients.  At CapRock Wealth Advisors, we have built our firm, both as producing advisors and as an OSJ.   Our affiliation with LPL Financial, as broker/dealer, allows us to help advisors transition, scale and thrive in the Independent business model.  Below are the three affiliation models our advisors most frequently choose when engaging CapRock Wealth Advisors as their partner and OSJ.

To schedule a time to visit and discuss your options in more detail, feel welcome to contact our President and CEO, Christian Bridges at 817-484-9800 or by email at Christian.Bridges@caprockwa.com.

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  • Affiliation Models

    We understand that choosing the right affiliation and branding model is one of the upmost important decisions you will make for your business. That's why we believe you should have as many options available as possible. When you choose to affiliate with CapRock Wealth Advisors as your OSJ, you can brand your new practice as LPL Financial, CapRock Wealth Advisors, or you own Doing Business As (DBA) name.

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  • Technology

    With LPL Financial as our business partner, you have access to all the award winning technology LPL has to offer. In addition, you will have access to our CRM. You will also have all the tools available to automate your marketing efforts, appointment scheduling and communicating with clients.

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  • Products

    Whether your business is focused on Brokerage or Advisory, Insurance, Financial Planning or Consulting Services, you will be able to offer your clients a robust platform to provide advice and investment management.

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  • Compliance

    Our OSJ is also a producing advisor and understands how compliance matters can help or slow down your practice if not approached from an advisor's viewpoint. We make sure that all New Accounts, Trades, Marketing, Account Reviews, etc. are reviewed daily so you can continue to focus on growing your client relationships.

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  • Additional Services

    We offer additional services for all of our advisors to help you streamline and stay focused on growing your business.

    • Dedicated Transition Support
    • Virtual Administrative Assistants
    • Certified Financial Planners
    • Insurance Specialist for Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Group Health and Medicare 
      • Group Health and Medicare Insurance is offered through CapRock Insurance Advisors.  CapRock Insurance Advisors is a separate entity from CapRock Wealth Advisors and is not affiliated with LPL Financial.  
    • Retirement Plan Specialists
    • Coaching and Mentoring 
    • Quarterly Continuing Education Opportunities
    • Marketing Specialist (Coming Soon)

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