Our goal is to build a bridge from where you are today, to the hopes and dreams you have for tomorrow. Our process integrates wealth management with risk and debt management & income and tax planning with philanthropy and legacy planning. We want each component of your financial life to support the other and create a clear stable path to your goals. Our proprietary process, The LegacyBridge Framework, is designed to monitor your critical life and financial events to adapt and strive to accomplish your desired outcomes.

The LegacyBridge Framework focuses on making you a VIP each step of the Planning Process:


  • Values: What's important to you?
  • Information: What is the data?
  • Personalize: What do you want to accomplish?


  • Visualize: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
  • Interact: How will we get you there?
  • Preferences: What strategies are the best fit for you?


  • Verify
  • Implement 
  • Process
Sounding Board Process

Sounding Board Process

As a part of our process, and a service to our clients, we make ourselves available to act as a sounding board to friends and family members. If there are people in your life that are important to you, know that they are important to us. If they are feeling apprehensive about the future we are happy to sit down and share our process with them to understand if we can add clarity and confidence.

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